Property Taxes

After February, all unpaid prior year taxes become delinquent and must be paid to the
Allegan County Treasurer

Allegan County Treasurer Tax/Property Search includes current/prior year/delinquent property tax and assessment information and is free to all users.   View and print tax bill and payment history. (Search Tips:  When searching by parcel number, do not include the beginning numbers "03".  Read directions for all other search fields carefully).

Online Payments, Property Records, Bill & Payment History

Hopkins Township property owners can make online credit card and electronic check payments for CURRENT YEAR taxes, review their property assessment information, and view/print their tax bill and payment detail or history free of charge through our partnership with BS & A internet services.   Information on the Township's page is REAL-TIME and free to property owners.   Current tax information is also updated to often July through February, but is not real-time.

Current year township taxes, summer and winter, are payable to the Township Treasurer through February of the following year. Payments for current year taxes are accepted at United Bank branches in Dorr, Hopkins, and Wayland during regular business hours when accompanied by your tax bill until February 14th.  Contact the Township Treasurer for additional penalties due between February 15 and 28th.

RECEIPTS are no longer automatically mailed to taxpayers due to the increasing costs of postage, paper, and printer ink. Your canceled check is your receipt.  Taxpayers can view and print their payment information using the link above.  If you require a receipt, please send a self addressed, stamped envelope or include your email address when mailing your payments.  

Payments are recorded based on date received, not the date written on the check or the postmark on the envelope.  If a check is not honored by the bank, the tax is unpaid and subject to penalties and/or interest and a returned check fee will be assessed.

See FAQ's below for answers most of your questions.

Dog Licenses are available from the Allegan County Treasurer.


1) When do tax bills get mailed out?

Summer tax bills are mailed by July 1 and winter bills by December 1.

2) When are taxes due?

Generally, summer taxes are due by September 14, and winter taxes by February 14.  If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, these dates may change.  See the deferment applications below to determine if you are eligible to defer payment of your taxes to a later date.  All payments will be posted as of date received, not the date on the check or envelope postmark.  Please refer to your current tax bill for details. 

Winter Tax Deferment Application

Summer Tax Deferment Application

3) What payment methods are available?  Make checks payable to Hopkins Township Treasurer and mail to 2894 22nd Street, Hopkins, MI 49328.  Payments are also accepted at United Bank offices in Hopkins, Wayland, and Dorr.  You may also make credit card or electronic check payments online or by telephone through Official Payments.  Please refer to your current tax bill for details.  

4) What are the interest and penalties for late payment?  Summer taxes are charged 1% per month interest beginning September 15. Winter taxes are charged a 3% late fee if paid from February 15-29. Beginning March 1, all property taxes due become delinquent and must be paid to the Allegan County TreasurerAdditional penalties and interest are added to delinquent taxes.

5) How can I change the mailing address, homestead exemption, or other tax assessment information on my tax record? You will need to contact the Township supervisor/assessor to make any changes to your property record.  See the Contact Us link.  

6) Escrow payments:  Original tax bills are sent to property owner address of record.  Mortgage/Escrow companies are sent a list based on parcel numbers requested each billing cycle at no cost.  Duplicate bills and receipts can be printed from our website.  Escrow payments need to include name, parcel number, and amount being paid.  It is the taxpayers responsibility to confirm that payment will be made from your escrow account.  


2014 Michigan Taxpayer Guide  This booklet contains information on property taxes, deferment of property taxes, homestead property tax credits, farmland and open space tax relief, the home heating credit program, the Michigan Income Tax, the Michigan Business Tax, and other tax-related subjects.


MSHDA “Save the Dream” Program Web site Homeowners facing financial difficulties or foreclosure can also call (866) 946-7432, a hotline that directs homeowners to a housing counselor in their county or to technical experts in MSHDA's Homeownership Division. 




ALL PARCELS IN HOPKINS TOWNSHIP require payoff of the Bear Swamp Drain Special Assessment prior to transfer.   Contact Allegan County Drain Commissioner (269) 673-0440

Hopkins Township has no other invoices or specials relating to property that is not accessed on the summer and winter tax bills.