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Office Hours:     Available by appointment only 
Office Phone:     (269) 793-3188 Memo only  
Fax:                    None
Office Location: Entrance on the south side of the Hopkins Public Library

Please use individual contacts listed below for all other Township business

Supervisor/Assessor - Tax assessment, homestead exemption, appeals, poverty exemptions, address changes, general information
Mark Evans
1451 124th Avenue, Hopkins, MI 49328
Phone: (269) 793-3184

Clerk - Voter registration, elections, absentee ballots, general information, billing and central mailing address
Eric Alberda
PO Box 217, Hopkins, MI 49328
Phone: (269) 806-7547

Treasurer - Property tax bills, payments, tax deferments, tax and cash receipts mailing address
Sandy Morris
2894 22nd Street, Hopkins, MI 49328
Phone: (269) 793-7420


Chuck Wamhoff
Phone: (269) 793-7239

Bob Modreske
Phone: (616) 477-0940

Building Permits/Zoning/Land Division

Professional Code Inspections
(616) 877-2000
Kirk Scharphorn Jr.  or Lori Castello
1575 142nd Avenue, Dorr, MI 49323

Cemetery Sexton/Asst. Assessor -  Cemetery lot sales, burials, placement of headstones
Lisa Evans
Phone:  (269) 793-3184

Planning Commission

Mark Forbes, Chairperson
Jason Veenstra, Secretary
Chuck Wamhoff, Township Board Rep
Tadd Heft
Steven Wamhoff
Ken Rutgers
Fred Morley

Zoning Board of Appeals
Bruce Modreske
3521 14th Street
Wayland, MI 49348

Burning Permits
Allegan County
Online Burn Permits
Phone:  (269) 686-5222 (Leave message)

Fire Department (non-emergency)
Tim McKinnon, Chief
Phone:  (269) 793-1000

Allegan Resource Recovery
Phone:   (269) 673-5415

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